2011 in Review

Family 6 August 2012 | 3,763 Comments

We weren’t so good about posting for quite a while.  We’ve been documenting though.  Here we go with some of the highlights:

The finest dining spins

Family,Travel 28 March 2011 | 133 Comments

Our hotel in Indy had a revolving restaurant.  I think it was a first for all three of us.

Poolside chillin’

Family 28 March 2011 | 135 Comments

This was from the Indy, Indy trip.  Just after her first time swimming.  I think she liked it a lot.

From the hospital visit :(

Family 28 March 2011 | 149 Comments

Ella had a respiratory infection that landed her in the hospital for a couple days.  She was pretty miserable, but she handled the hospital better than I did.

At Palomino

Family 28 March 2011 | 119 Comments

More Instagram shots.


Family 28 March 2011 | 133 Comments

Ella and I were bumming around downtown Indianapolis while Kim was at a foreign language teacher conference.  I’ve been playing with Instagram a lot.

Ella’s first piano lesson

Family 28 March 2011 | 131 Comments

Thanksgiving 2010

Family 26 November 2010 | 163 Comments

Those who don’t cook tend to play games in the afternoon.

But the cooking is KIND of a big deal around here.

Credit where credit is due, Evan took this awesome shot of the table:

And we did an all family portrait, but without a tripod on hand we had to do a few shifts.

Yay for Apples!!!

Family 26 November 2010 | 1,095 Comments

I like Apple Orchards.  Scratch that, I really, really like Apple Orchards.  So I made sure Ella made it to one this year.  We met Mom and Al at Edward’s Orchard, which is where I always went growing up.

There were flowers and pumpkins…

…and baby animals.  These are some of the goats…

They have a barn full of old tools and cars and stuff, including an old buggy.

We got some portraits to:

Ready for her closeup

Family 26 November 2010 | 149 Comments

Here are some pictures from one of our Daddy-daughter photo shoots.